Erin Mitchell / Jul 7, 2020
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Milton Jackson is a Subway® Manager from Eastern Connecticut. His father, who Milton is named after, is a Subway Franchise Owner and his biggest inspiration.

Milton’s father came to the United States from Jamaica at just 16 years old. Starting with just $4000 and a single location in Manchester, Milton Sr. now has four successful restaurants; “My dad came here and figured life out on his own. He was always a striver and always wanted more.”

Milton now runs a day-to-day operations of those restaurants, following his father’s lead every step of the way.

Caption: Milton with BDA Steve Rogers (left), Franchisee Tara Taylor-Jackson and his father in his father’s Manchester, CT restaurant.


While his two other brothers went in different career directions, Milton knew early on he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps; “I feel like ever since I was a kid, my dad was prepping me for this opportunity. And I want to make him proud.”

Milton remembers when they opened their first restaurant in 2001, saying, “18 years ago, we opened our Manchester location. I remember opening the store, digging up the carpets. I was only nine years old.”

And it turns out Milton and his father share more than a name-they share an entrepreneurial spirit as well. Even at a young age, Milton was eager to spend time with his father in the restaurants learning the ropes; “He taught me everything from how to count money to the art of sandwich making, and I hope to do those things half as good as he does”

Milton hopes to be a business owner himself, saying that Subway has helped prep him for the future; “Working for Subway, and especially right alongside my dad, has taught me so much about running a business. I’m excited for what the future holds.”


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The Jackson family’s secret to success is simple: be kind to people. From the Sandwich Artists™ to the customers, Milton treats everyone with kindness and respect.

Milton says he learned this core value from his father; “Customer service is key. We are successful because we’re there- the service is great, and everything is on point.”

The relationship Milton has with his customers is truly special. When asked about his regular customers, he said, “We have the best customers. One in particular comes in and pays for everyone’s sandwiches every time he’s in. The smile on those faces at that moment is priceless. This is what it’s all about.”

When you treat people with kindness, you get that kindness back. Milton says he hasn’t had a bad day in a while but, “When you’re having a bad day, and you come in here, and these customers start coming in – it makes you feel like you’re doing something right.”

Fun facts:

  • Milton loves playing soccer and even used to go to Jamaica to train. Now, he’s coaching his 7-year-old son, “He’s amazing- he’s really good!”
  • Milton’s advice for being a manager is to manage yourself first: “When I started waking up at a certain time, exercising, meditating, taking care of myself- I went to a different level.”
  • The strangest order Milton ever received was a chicken teriyaki with tuna. But a close second comes from one of his coworkers; “A guy who works with me makes a meatball with mac & cheese. That’s his


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